The Contractor shall submit to the Architect an application for each payment and, if required, receipts or other vouchers showing his payments for materials and labor, including payments to-subcontractors as required by Article 44.

If payments are made on valuation of work done, such application shall be submitted at least ten days before each payment falls due, and, if required, the Contractor shall, before the first application, submit to the Architect a schedule of values of the various parts of the work, including quantities, aggregating the total sum of the contract, divided so as to facilitate payments to subcontractors in accordance with Article 44 (e), made out in such form and, if required, supported by such evidence as to its correctness, as the Architect may direct. This schedule, when approved by the Architect, shall be used as a basis for certificates of payment, unless it be found to be in error. In applying for payments, the Contractor shall submit a statement based upon this schedule and, if required, itemized in such form and supported by such evidence as the Architect may direct, showing his right to the payment claimed.