In addition to items of cost noted in Article 5 for which the Owner reimburses the Contractor, the Owner shall pay all costs as follows:

(a) Materials, supplies, equipment and transportation required for the proper execution of the work, which shall include all temporary structures and their maintenance; all such costs to be at rates not higher than the standard paid in the locality of the work except with prior consent of the Owner.

(b) The amounts of all separate contracts.

(c) Premiums on all bonds and insurance policies called for under Articles 19,

20, 21 and 22 of the General Conditions of the Contract.

(d) Rentals of all construction plant or parts thereof, whether rented from the

Contractor or others, in accordance with rental agreements approved by the Architect. Transportation of said construction plant, costs of loading and unloading, cost of installation, dismantling and removal thereof and minor repairs and replacements during its use on the work, - all in accordance with the terms of the said rental agreements.