$---------. ---------,---------, 19-.

---------after date, for value received,---------promise to pay to the order of

---------,--------- dollars, with interest from date, payable --------- at the rate of

---------per cent. per annum so long as the same shall be paid promptly according to the tenor of the --------- coupons hereto attached, and at the rate of --------per cent. per annum after the principal shall have become due. either by reason of default in payment of any coupon or of the maturity of this note, and until principal and interest shall be fully paid. Both principal and interest are payable at ---------.

Upon failure to pay any of the interest at maturity, or to perform any of the covenants or conditions contained in the mortgage securing this note, then the whole of the principal and accrued interest shall, at the option of the holder hereof, become due and payable without further notice. ---------.

INTEREST COUPON $---------. ---------,---------, 19-.

--------- months after date, --------- promise to pay to the order of ---------,

---------dollars, payable at ---------for value received, with interest after maturity, at the rate of ---------per cent. per annum, being the interest on ---------principal note for $ --------- of even date herewith.

Due, ---------. ---------

See references under Sec. 3900.