§ 831. Having now discussed the law as applicable to the subject of contracts in general, the next branch of the subject which we propose to consider is the law applicable to Particular Contracts, as modified by the peculiar relationship of the parties, and the nature and object of their agreement. This we shall divide into the following heads: 1st. Bailments; 2d. Sale and Warranty; 3d. Guaranty and Suretyship; 4th. Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes; 5th. Landlord and Tenant; 6th. Master and Servant. It is not within the scope of the present treatise to give more than a brief outline of the general principles of law which govern in these contracts. Each subject, in itself, would afford ample material for a treatise equal in bulk to the whole of the present work, if fully and elaborately discussed. The present consideration, therefore, of these subjects, will be necessarily limited, and involve the discussion of general principles, rather than their minute modifications.