To succeed in your undertakings you must tie up with men whose strong points make up for your weak points and whose deficiencies are offset by your strength. Therefore, know the men with whom you propose to associate yourself, their financial resources, their business credit, their personal habits, their past successes, their failures, their elements of strength and weakness. Do they supplement your abilities? Are they your natural complements?

Forearm yourself with facts like these, and then, when you deliberately retire from contact with the world of the senses and give free rein to your creative imagination, and all these men rise up as the human factors in the mental unfolding of your plans, your nimble fancy will correctly gauge their peculiarities, adaptabilities and capabilities, and will assign them suitable parts in your mental drama of creative achievement.

This mental adjustment of the human elements in your problem will find its reflection in your daily life.

Getting Team-Work Into A Business

You will be alert to adapt yourself to the moods of others. You will adjust yourself and your activities to their needs. You will lose sight of petty personalities and differences in your conception of the broader aspects of your undertaking. By thinking it, dreaming it, mentally living it and inwardly realizing it, you will reveal in yourself and beget in others an inner attitude of co-operation. And so will come about that mental harmony, that attitude of all-pull-together-for-the-main-thing that invariably wins its goal.