If you would develop the foresight that is initiative, you must first of all see things truly as they now are. Only the man of financial foresight can create wealth. And the man of financial foresight possesses an insurance against failure in his knowledge of existing conditions.

Pursue the practice of rigid and thorough investigation in minor matters, and it will serve you faithfully in large affairs.

8. In studying your business, study men.

Men are the tools that the man of psychic power and high initiative works with.

Study yourself. Analyze the men around you; mark their habits of speech and dress and action in leisure as well as in business hours; mark their behavior under varying conditions.

Choose your enemies with care. Choose your associates with greater care.

Andrew Carnegie has well said, " He who proves indispensable as a partner to one man might be wholly useless, or even injurious, to another. Generals Grant and Sherman needed very different chiefs of staff. One secret of Napoleon's success arose from his being free to make his own appointments, choosing the men who had the qualities which supplemented his and cured his own shortcomings, for every man has shortcomings. The universal genius who can manage all himself has yet to appear. Only one with the genius to recognize others of different genius and harness them to his own car can approach the universal. It is a case of different but co-operating abilities, each part of the complicated machine fitting into its right place, and there performing its duty without jarring."