After the student has a good knowledge of form and can write all the letters with a reasonable degree of speed, it has been found advisable to practice on copies for speed work alone. Take a sentence-copy and let the student time his writing by the watch. Each time the sentence is written he should endeavor to increase in speed a little and at the same time get good form to the letters.

Patience and Perseverance in Writing

The home student in learning to write should develop patience, and in order to secure an acceptable business hand must learn perseverance. These are two very1 essential qualities for success in writing. Many pupils in starting their practice on this series of lessons will perhaps write a few words of one copy and then a few words of another; perhaps they will practice a little on the movement exercises and then think that it is about time that some substantial improvement should show itself. The first few weeks of practice may tend to discourage the pupil as many write with a slow, cramped finger movement, and when the change is made to the free movement considerable is lost in form. Many give up in despair when they see that their writing is not improving perceptibly in form from the start. There will be an improvement, however, in the freedom of movement, if the instructions are faithfully followed; this is absolutely essential in learning to write a good business hand. That is the time to be encouraged, as the manner of writing is being changed, and it is right here at this critical time that the pupil must learn patience and must be persevering in his work. A few fitful hours of practice will benefit the writing but very little, in fact, it is worse than no practice at all. A definite plan should be followed as nearly as possible, and adhered to very closely if the student expects to improve the condition of his writing. From thirty to forty-five minutes a day should be spent in the prac-tice of writing until a good business hand' has been attained.

The student should remember that a good handwriting is worth hundreds of dollars to its possessor, and that nothing valuable in education was ever achieved without hard labor and many disappointments. Be patient, be persevering, work hard, and a good style of writing will be the result.