After the metal has been hammered and raised partly into shape it will get hard and stiff, and it will be necessary to "anneal" it.

This may be done over the Bunsen burner or over a gas range, in a furnace - in fact, in any place where there is heat enough to get it red-hot. After it has been heated to a dull red heat it is plunged into water while hot, or laid aside to cool, after which it will be found to be soft and pliable again. It makes no difference which method is used to cool the metal, as it is the heating that makes it soft.

Fig. 39. Details of construction.

Fig. 39. Details of construction.

We may now continue hammering and raising it into shape, the progressive steps of the raising being shown as A, B, C, D, Fig. 39. To bend up the edge, as shown in D, hammer with the flat side of the ball-pein hammer over the edge of the block of wood. To finish the base, hammer with the neck hammer in regular even strokes on the No. 157 lapping-stake.4

Fig  40. Match box holders.

Fig. 40. Match box holders.