Some Recent Books Published By The Manual Arts Press

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Handcraft In Wood And Metal. By J. Hooper And A. J. Shirley

A valuable reference book on craftwork in wood and metal. It treats of historic craftwork, materials used in handcrafts, designing, decorative processes, the historic development of tools, the theory of the cutting action of tools, and the equipment of the school workshop. It is notable because of its application of design to handwork. Beautifully bound and abundantly illustrated. Price, $3.00.

Practical Typography. By George E. Mcclellan

A remarkable textbook for students of printing. It contains a course of exercises ready to place in the hands of pupils, and explains and illustrates the most approved methods used in correct composition. A valuable feature of the book lies in the fact that in the early stages of the course the pupil sets up in type a description of what he is doing with his hands. It contains 63 exercises, treating of composition from "Correct Spacing" to the "Making up of a Book," and the "Composition of Tables." Price, $1.50.

Furniture Design For Schools And Shops. By Fred D. Crawshaw

A manual on furniture design. A book that will stimulate and encourage designing and initiation on the part of the student. It contains a collection of plates showing perspective drawings of typical designs, representing particular types of furniture. Each perspective is accompanied by suggestions for rearrangements and the modeling of parts. The text discusses and illustrates principles of design as applied to furniture. A practical and helpful book that should be in the hands of every teacher of cabinet making and designing. Price, $1.00.

Design And Construction In Wood. By William Noyes

A book full of charm and distinction and the first to give due consideration to the esthetic side of wood-working. It is intended to give to beginners practice in designing simple projects in wood and an opportunity to acquire skill in handling tools. The book illustrates a series of projects and gives suggestions for other similar projects together with information regarding tools and processes for making. A pleasing volume abundantly and beautifully illustrated. Price, $1.50.

Leather Work. By Adelaide Mickel

A manual on art leather work for students, teachers, and arts workers. It gives detailed descriptions of the various processes of working, treating of flat modeling, embossing or repousse, carved leather and cut work. It is well illustrated with photographs of finished work and working drawings of twenty useful and beautiful articles suitable for school and home work. Price, 75 cents.

Kitecraft And Kite Tournaments. By Charles M. Miller

An authoritative and comprehensive treatment of kitecraft. The book deals with the construction and flying of all kinds of kites, and the making and using of kite accessories. Also aeroplanes, gliders, propellers, motors, etc. Four chapters are devoted to presenting a detailed description of kite flying tournaments. Abundantly illustrated and attractively bound. Price, $1.00.

Inexpensive Basketry. By William 8. Marten

A teachers' manual presenting in detail the processes of coiled basket construction. The book gives a complete treatment of the necessary equipment, and the preparation of raw materials, and outlines a course for grades three to six. In addition it contains a bibliography of books and magazine articles treating of basketry. It is unique among books on basketry, as it shows by a series of excellent photographs every step in the construction of coiled baskets. The illustrations "really illustrate" and show the hand full-size in the different positions assumed in making a complete basket. Price, 25 cents.

Paper And Cardboard Construction. By G. F. Buxton And F. L. Curran

A book of special value because of the fund of information, and the excellent selection and classification of material. It is a handbook for teachers covering book problems, box problems, card problems and envelope problems for the first four grades. It outlines courses, give detailed working directions, and suggestions concerning equipment, supplies and methods of teaching. Illustrated with photographs and complete working drawings of each problem. Price, $1.50.

Effective Methods In Mechanical Drawing. By F. H. Evans

A practical textbook of drafting methods. The methods presented are those which meet the requirements of speed and practical effectiveness as sought in commercial drafting. The book deals with "The Geometry of Drafting" and "Kinks and Short Cuts," including a simple and practical method of making working drawings of bevel gears. The book is essentially a reprint of selected sections of "The Drafting Room Series,".a larger work by the same author. Cloth bound, price, postpaid, 50 cents.

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