To make the articles described in this chapter, the following new tools and equipment will be required, in addition to the tools noted in chapter VIII (Etching, Soft Soldering):

Base-plate, No. 151 F, at 40 cents.

Lapping-stake, No. 157, at 75 cents.

Smoothing-stake, No. 153 H, at 40 cents.

Wooden mallet, No. 91, one flat and one round face, at 25 cents.

Pliers, No. 106, at 15 cents.

Bunsen burner, No. 1135, at 30 cents.

Fig . 11. Additional tools required to make the work shown.

Fig. 11. Additional tools required to make the work shown.

This equipment is all shown in Fig. 11. The Bunsen burner has an adjuster at the bottom, so that it is possible to get a blue or yellow flame, as desired. The base-plate is fastened with screws to the top of a bench or table, or to a piece of heavy plank, and is used to hold the lapping-stake firmly while bending over the ends of the blotters, and sides of the blotting-pad corners and lapping over the edge of the book-ends; the mallet is used to bend the metal over and flatten out or beat up the work as needed; the Bunsen burner may be used to do the soldering on the hat-, tie-, and belt-pins, also the cuff-links mentioned in chapter VIII (Etching, Soft Soldering), and will also be used to obtain various colors on the copper, the process of which is described on the following pages.

Fig 12. Blotters.

Fig 12. Blotters.