A cement for fastening metal letters upon wood, metal, glass, etc., is compounded of 5 parts of oil of turpentine, 5 parts of boiled linseed oil, 15 parts of copal varnish and 5 parts of glue. The dissolution of the glue is effected by putting a pound into a water bath. When this is dissolved, add into the mixture 10 parts of slaked lime.

(2) Compound together 7 parts of tar oil, 10 of plaster of paris and roman cement, 8 of caoutchouc dissolved in tar oil, 5 of linseed oil. Boil with litharge and 15 parts of copal varnish, prepared with gum lac.

(3) Compound together 5 parts of linseed oil boiled with litharge, 5 parts oil of turpentine and 15 parts of a varnish made of white resin and sandarac. To this 5 parts of marine glue are to be added and on the dissolution of this mixture in a water bath 10 parts of white lead and flake white are to be added.

(4) Compound together 10 parts of ochre or washed clay, 2 parts of powdered isinglass, 5 of sifted iron filings, 5 parts oil of turpentine with 15 parts copal varnish made ready with the addition of resin.