To make knives from old files, first draw the temper from the file by heating it to a cherry red. Then put in ashes of about 5 inches on the forge, leaving it there until it becomes cool. Next grind out the file-marks and then draw with a heat no higher than a bright cherry red and a smooth-faced hammer. Next draw the file slightly thicker than you desire the back of the blade to be, and bend the blade with the edge on the inside, then draw the blade to an edge. The drawing of the blade on the inner curve will straighten it. After it has been drawn to an even color and straightened, drill three holes for fastening on the handle and shape with the file. Do not make the edge too thin, or you will find tempering difficult. Use soft, warmish water for tempering. Take out the handle ends with tongs or tweezers, hold the blade with the back down over a clear-well-charred fire, and heat evenly to the first hole until the blade becomes red, then immerse same endwise in water. After this is done the blade should be in such condition that when tried with a file the latter will take hold just a little. If this test shows the blade to be too hard, dip same in linseed oil and hold over a clear, slow fire until the ignition of the oil, when it is to be dipped into water again. This will bring about toughening and cause it to hold its edge better.