The ingredients given below are those required to make one gallon of the solution:

Take first 1 gallon of clean water, which bring to the boiling point, then dissolve in it 8 ounces of sulphate of copper crystals; after this is thoroughly dissolved, add 2 fluid ounces of aqua ammonia; to this add 8 ounces of cyanide of potassium. This solution should be allowed to stand over night. Rolled sheet copper should be hung in the solution, and the metal to be plated should hang in the middle of the vat, near the rolled sheet copper. This solution can be used either with electric batteries or electric dynamos. Before the metal is hung in the vat it should be cleaned off thoroughly in a potash solution. This solution is made by mixing 2 1-pound cans of lye in 20 gallons of clean, warm water. When the metal is thoroughly cleaned in this warm potash it should then be rinsed in clean water; then it is to be hung in the vat, the current turned on and plated. If hung too long in the vat the copper will blister and peel off. When the article plated is removed from the vat it should be immersed in boiling hot water, then dried and afterwards buffed, if a polish is wanted.