To give a finely polished lustreless surface on tempered steel, rub the article along a smooth iron surface with pulverized oil stone until it is perfectly even and smooth. Next lay it on a sheet of white paper and rub forward and backward until a fine dead polish is acquired. Depressions or screw-holes in the steel are to be first polished and cleaned with a piece of wood and oil stone. The lustreless surface obtained by this method is very sensitive and is to be rinsed with pure soft water only. If a more lasting polish is desired, the steel surface should first be smoothed with an iron polisher and some powdered oil stone should be carefully washed and rinsed. Then some fresh oil and powdered oil stone should be stirred together in a small vessel, into which should be dipped the end of a piece of elder pith, and the steel surface polished with a mild pressure. The end of the pith being cut off as soon as it becomes soiled. As a final step, the article should be thoroughly cleaned with soft water, which will give it a fine, white, lustreless polish.