To keep metals from rusting rub them off perfectly clean and paint them over with the following mixture: Dissolve half an ounce of camphor in a pound of lard, or in that proportion, according to the quantity used, and before it cools enough to be hard, mix in enough black lead to give the whole the color of iron. This should be well and thoroughly applied all over the metal, being careful not to omit any spots, and let it remain over night. The next day rub off clean with rags. If kept dry by the weather, metal treated in this way will keep perfectly free from rust all winter. Olmstead's varnish is made by melting 2 ounces of resin in 1 pound of fresh, sweet lard, melting the resin first and then adding the lard, and then mixing thoroughly. This is applied to the metal, which should be warm, if possible, and perfectly cleaned, and afterward rubbed off. This has been well proved and tested for many years, and it is all that it has been recommended to be. It is particularly well suited for planishes and Russia iron surfaces which a slight rust is apt to injure very seriously.