The commonest soft solder used consists of 1 part of lead and 2 parts of tin. The greater the proportion of lead the cheaper will be the solder. The most fusible solder not containing bismuth is made of 1 part of lead and 1 1/2 parts of tin. For ordinary plumbing-work, solders are used composed of:

(1) 3 parts Lead, 1 part Tin.

(2) 2 parts Lead, 1 part Tin.

(3) 1 part Lead, 1 part Tin.

(4) 1 part Lead, 1 1/2 parts Tin.

(5) 1 part Lead, 2 parts Tin.

(2) To prepare a soft solder which can be used without acid or a soldering iron, soldering articles of tinware by simply holding over a candle. It is made by melting and mixing 40 parts of tin, 20 parts of lead, 40 parts bismuth by weight, and run into small bars by pouring from a perforated ladle while drawing the ladle across a flat piece of iron, stone or board.

(3) Is composed of 6 parts of lead, 1 part of cadmium, 7 parts of bismuth. Another soft solder is composed of 2 part of lead, 4 parts of tin, and 2 parts of cadmium.