Paper sacks of all sizes are serviceable for storing materials not in use. They can be pressed, if badly wrinkled from past use, and made into many interesting articles.

Holiday Bags

Cut designs from scraps of colored paper and paste on both sides of a paper sack. Animals, birds, trees, people or geometric designs, suitable for the occasion, may be used. Designs might be drawn on with crayon. Suitable for lower and middle grades.


1. Choose a sack that will just fit the head, roll up the edge to make hat the desired height. Decorate the sides with colored papers or crayon. Plumes, fringes and other things may be pasted on for different puropses.

2. Use a sack that will just fit the head. Cut the bill from one side of the sack. Roll up the remainder to make edge of cap. This may be decorated.

Paper sacks

Paper sacks decorated with crayon or colored paper to make holiday bags. Four hats made from paper sacks.

3. Cut out one short side (where the fold is) of a large sack. Fold edge of sack back several times to form a wide border at the edge of the bonnet. Make a crayon design on this border. Make small pleats at the back so the bonnet will fit the head. Strings may be attached to the front corners.

4. Cut several inches off the top of a sack that will just fit the head. Cut scallops around the edge and fold them up to make fringe turned up around hat. A strip of the paper cut off of the top may be pasted behind the scallops to reinforce the hat and keep it from splitting at the scallops. Suitable for lower and middle grades.


Use a small paper sack for the head, draw the face on the flat side with crayon. Draw hair or paste on paper, cotton, or yarn raveled from an old sweater. Stuff the sack with enough crumpled paper or excelsior to make a good head. Cut off the sack leaving about two inches to tie shut. Make two rolls of wrapping paper long enough for legs and body, (proportions longer than human figures are best), stick these two rolls into the bottom of the stuffed head and tie all up with a string. Make the arms like the legs, bend them at the shoulders and tie them on at the neck. Make the dress of another paper sack decorated with all-over pattern or a border in crayon. Suitable for lower grades.

Doll made from paper sack

Doll made from paper sack and rolls of wrapping paper. a paper sack puppet and a mask.


Use a small paper sack. Draw face with crayon and paste on hair, ears or other features. Tie a string around the sack to show the neck, leave enough room inside to insert the hand. Cut two holes in front of the sack through which two fingers are inserted for arms of people or front legs of animals. Costumes may be made from paper sacks or pieces of cloth or rags. See page 152 for puppet show theatre. Suitable for lower or middle grades.


Use large sacks that will fit down over the head. Roll up the top of the sack so it will just clear the shoulders and the bottom of the sack rest on the top of the head. Locate the features of the face while the sack is on the head. Remove from head, cut out eyes and nose. Paste on ears, noses, beards or hair. Color features with crayon. Animals and birds of all kinds may be made in the same way. Suitable for lower or middle grades.