Wooden spools may be used for storing pieces of string for future use, they are also excellent for block printing. Wooden and paper spools of all kinds may also be used to make simple and attractive articles.


Cut the spools into any shapes desired, whittle a small stick and put through the hole. Cover the top with interesting circles cut from bits of colored paper. Circles of cardboard or tin or button molds may be made into tops in the same way. Suitable for all grades.


Use spools for all the parts of the doll. String them together with heavy string and paint or color with crayon. Suitable for lower grades.

Dolls' Shop Window

Make holders for hats and dresses from spools and small sticks of wood as shown on page 155.

Tops made from spools

Tops made from spools, lids, button molds and cardboard. A spool doll.

Spool holders for doll dresses

Spool holders for doll dresses and hats. Dolls' shop window with display in place.

Paint the spools or decorate them with colored paper. A suitable box makes the shop window, the awning is made of wrapping paper colored with crayon. Dresses and hats are made of cloth or paper. Place them over the holders in the window. The window may be covered with cellophane paper if desired. Suitable for lower and middle grades.

Spool Knitted Mats, Hot Dish Holders And Doll Caps

Put five thin, small headed nails around the hole of a large spool. Pull one end of the string through the hole and wind around the nails twice, going in front of one and behind the next as shown on page 157. Let the other end of the string pass to the outside of the nails. Take the loop that is on the first nail where the string ends on the outside, pull it out from the spool, over the long string and up over the head of the nail. Use a heavy needle or hair pin for the knitting. Keep the end of the string around the outside of the nails and slip the stitches off in regular order until knitting is desired length. To remove, break off the string leaving about twelve inches, thread this into the needle and take off the stitches and fasten securely. The cord thus made may be sewed together to make the desired article.

A spool strung up for knitting

A spool strung up for knitting and knitting sewed together to make a mat. Spool curtain pulls. Thin cardboard trees and flowers with spool stands.

Suitable for lower and middle grades. Curtain or Lamp Polls

Paint spools with enamel or crayon shaved and dissolved in cleaning solvent or turpentine or color with crayons. String on a cord made from string that has been dyed the desired color and braided or knotted as shown on page 104. Beads make the pulls more attractive. Suitable for all grades.

Flowers And Trees

Decorate the spool with cut paper, paint or crayon. Make flat flowers or tress with stems from light weight cardboard and cover with colored paper or color with crayon. Four sided flowers and trees may be made by cutting four pieces for each flower, folding each through the middle lengthwise and pasting together as shown on page 157. These are excellent for place cards, for scenes on the sand table and for toys. Suitable for all grades.