Camp parties, banquets, special days, campfires and other out-of-the-ordinary occasions call for special "trimmings" of decorations, favors, invitations, menus, or costumes. Such events will stimulate many activities as the entire program is planned and carried out by the campers. By no means the least of these activities will be those that call for ingenuity and creativity in making the "color" for the big event. The arrangements committee will find that there are ways to use techniques described in this book; imaginative use of materials found out-of-doors or in the craft supplies will produce all kinds of articles that will create the atmosphere for the occasion.

Real creativity will be the privilege of those who make the sample that will be used in fashioning a hundred favors, the backdrop for the banquet's head table, or the mobiles of natural objects that will twist in the breezes made by the square dancers, but there will also be fun and chances for individual expression for those who help to make all the decorations and favors.

Lesser events than the last-night banquet or the all-camp barn dance will give many campers opportunities for similar projects. These may be invitations issued by one tent group for a special cook-out, name-tag favors made by the oldest boys for those smallest campers who are joining their camp-fire, or handmade gifts fashioned by each girl in a cabin


Suggestions For Favors & Placecards

FIG- XVII - 1 group for someone else at the last night's campfire. Such occasions give many campers chances to use their imagination in creating something worth giving away or worth saving as a memento.

Banquets and parties usually have a theme around which the decorations and favors are planned. The dining hall may be transformed into a gypsies' camp, an underwater cave, or a pioneer village; the recreation hall may blossom with panels depicting the tales of Paul Bunyan or Hiawatha; the waterfront dock may be the throne from which Neptune views his subjects, or the landing-place of the Vikings. There is so much in the lore of the early inhabitants who have lived in the various regions of our land that there seems no end to the possibilities for "dressing up" camp occasions. An appreciation of those who pioneered our country or a new view of the heroes of our folk tales may well be as much a result of the festivities as will be the development of initiative and resourcefulness and the use of the imagination. Good group activity is also a result.

If books, materials, and equipment are easily available to tent and cabin groups, and if counselors are quick to seize the opportunities to encourage campers to see the possibilities for creative activity, many fascinating projects will result. No two occasions will be the same in one summer, or even as the years pass-and this is good! Each camp group should be free to create its own special events, and the "trimmings" that make them memorable.

Pictured here are some ideas that have been used in camps. They are intended as suggestions only, to start campers along the trail of ingenious projects for their own special occasions.

Equipment And Materials

Equipment and materials needed cannot be listed completely, as they will vary with the specific projects, but this basic list may serve to point out the kind of equipment and material which will be most helpful if provided for each tent or cabin group, in the unit hut or the small camp's recreation center, making it simple to take advantage of the first glimmer of a good idea.

Equipment to put things together; household cement; rubber cement and paste; staplers; Scotch tape and masking tape; fine wire and coat hangers; lacing; thong, string and twine; pins, clips, and paper fasteners; needles and thread.

Materials for making articles; construction, wrapping, newsprint, and mimeograph paper; remnants of cloth and leather; aluminum foil and tin cans; natural objects found in camp-acorns, shells, cones, wood, seeds and seed pods, bark from dead-and-down trees, etc.

Equipment for marking and decorating; crayons, pencils, felt marking pens; all kinds of inks; poster or water-color paints; brushes; wood burning tools, etc.

Paper Cutting And Folding

Paper cutting and folding is a craft that may be used in creating some of these articles. Once a procedure is worked out, it may be used over and over in the cutting and assembling of articles. Individual treatment of the basic design will provide opportunities for creative expression. Tents, tepees, log cabins, covered wagons, corrals', bunk houses, and stars may all be developed in this way (Figs. XVII-2 and 3).

Check these chapters for further help: Chapter VII (Printing And Stenciling) on Printing and Stenciling for suggestions for menus, invitations, and favors; Chapter XIII (Correlation With Camp Dramatics) on Correlation with Dramatics for scenery, masks, etc.; Chapter XV (Camper'S Correlation With Nature) on Correlation with Nature for conservation practices and suggestions for centerpieces and decorations; and Chapter XX (Map Making) on Map Making for table models and relief maps.

Paper Cutting And Folding


Paper Cutting Suggestions


Murals As Backgrounds For Banquets


Murals As Backgrounds

Fig- XVII-5