A Savings-bank made to hold pennies. The pennies are dropped down its finding new ways to use your boxes in this kind of play. It is always new, for you may always find different kinds of boxes to adapt to the building. And the nice thing about it is that you can make almost anything you choose.

Material Required to Make a Savings-bank: a box in which correspondence cards have been packed, a small box with a sliding cover, and another similar to it.

When I began to make boxcraft toys, I used to save my pennies to buy pinwheel paper, cotton animals, and little figures to use in Boxville. Then, when I found that I should need crape paper or silver paper, or a mirror for a pool, I had money to buy it.

Perhaps you would like to know how to make a Savings-bank for pennies too?

You will need some small box like that in which correspondence cards come packed at stationery stores. It has a double cover.

Turn the box over so that the printing on its top is hidden. Make the top of your box the bottom by turning it over.

Draw two windows and a door on one side of the box. Paint them, if you like.

Paste over the door a porch roof made from half of one small box. The floor of the porch is pasted under it.

Remove the drawer from the little box with sliding cover. The outside of the box, as you may have noticed, is like a tall chimney.

Take this and stand it on end at the top of your box. Draw its outline with pencil on the cardboard. Then remove the box and cut out the outline just inside the lines you made.

When this is done, you must glue the chimney over the open hole. Glue it tight and let it dry well. The pennies, dimes, and nickels may be dropped down this chimney into the bank.

There is one rule which governs this savings account in my bank - five cents must always stay in the bank to be "a nest egg." I made this rule myself.

I made a little penny bank,

I'm saving pennies now! It takes a lot of patience,

But I'm doing it, somehow!

My bank has a tall chimney,

The pennies drop down through:

It's really fun to drop them And hear them jingle, too!