A Noah's Ark with cracker animals.

Material Required for Making a Noah's Ark: a child's shoe-box without a cover, the cover of a large shoe-box, and some shallow box with cover about ten inches by four.

Next time that you have cracker animals to play with, build them an ark! It is splendid fun. I will tell you how to do it.

Find the materials needed to build with - a shoe-box cover, the lower half of a child's shoe-box, and the whole of some very shallow box about ten inches long and at least four inches wide.

To make the base of the Noah's ark, use the large shoe-box cover. Cut its rims off. Cut each end pointed. The ark building is placed on this.

The ark building is made from the small shoe-box. . Place it upon its rims so that its bottom becomes top.

Cut a door in one end of the box on the edge of the box rim. To make this, cut up from the edge of the rim two inches near the center of the box end. Then cut horizontally across the box two inches more. (To cut door, see Diagram Two, A, page 167.) After cutting, bend the door as if it were on a hinge. A round-headed paper-fastener will make a door-knob and latch. Press the points of the fastener through the cardboard door and bend the prongs, or points, to one side together. In this way, animals may be securely locked into the ark.

Cut two triangular supports for the roof of the ark. They should be cut in heavy cardboard and made equal-sided. The width of one end of your box will give you the dimensions to make these. (See Diagram Three, BB, page 169.) Paste one of these cardboard pieces to each end of the ark building near the top part of the box. Let both dry well before attempting to put a roof upon them.

The roof is made of the two parts of the shallow box. Lap the long rim of one part over the long rim of the other. Glue the two rims together, one over the other. (For making a gable roof from two box covers or from the halves of a shallow box, see Diagram Three, B, page 169.) When the glue is dry, slip the roof over the gabled points of the ark building. Now, when the rains descend and floods come and there is a RAINY DAY ahead of you, just summon the cracker animals from the pantry. Arrange them in pairs. Find a doll for Mr. Noah and a piece of paper to make the dove. A footstool will be Mount Ararat, and the ark may voyage all the whole day upon the play-room floor. When the sun comes out, you will have been so busy all day that you will have quite forgotten about the rain.

Two by two! Two by two! Elephant and kangaroo! Box and box covers to-day Make a Noah's Ark for play. Maybe, later, you may feast On an unpaired cracker beast! Two by two! Two by two! Elephant and kangaroo!