Material Required to Make a Toy Wagon: the half of any oblong cardboard box. A few square inches of cardboard will be required, from which to cut cardboard disks for the wheels of the cart.

Material Required to Make a Sleigh: one oblong cardboard box with its cover. A sled may be made from the cover or lower half of any long box.

If you wish to make a toy wagon, find the half of some cardboard box. Turn this upward if it is the cover. Keep the lower half, if you use that, as it is, upright, open at the top. This is the body of the wagon.

Take your compass and with it draw on some card-board four circles of the same size. These are the four wagon wheels. Cut each out.

Find two small sticks in the garden. They must each be a trifle longer than the width of your box. Press each through the end of the box where wheels should come - press clear through both opposite rims of your box. Then press a wheel upon each end of a stick, and put a bit of wax or some glue where the linchpin should come. Let the glue dry thoroughly before you attempt to play with your toy.

A strip of cardboard cut to fit the width of the cart and glued across its upper forward rims will make the driver's seat.

The shafts are two strips of cardboard pasted to the forward sides of the cart. Cut each about half the length of your box.

Whoa there! Back up - back! There is your toy horse in the shafts. He is waiting for you to tie his string harness. He will be ready then to go on a trot round the floor.

If you wish to make a sled, take the lower half of a box and turn it over. Its long side rims will become the runners of the sled. Cut the end rims off the box. Then, cut off each corner of the side rims of the box, slanting your corner cuttings in the same direction. There you have the runners of your sled! (See Diagram Ten, A, page 184.)


Toy Wagon made from half of an oblong box. A Sled cut from the lower half of a box; the runners are made from the box rims.


A Sleigh made from the cover and the lower half of a box. It has been painted.

To make the sleigh, you will need to use the cover of your box. Turn it so that it opens at top. Cut the side rims the shape of the upper portion of a sleigh, and glue the cover to the runners. A small box will make two seats for the sleigh. Fit the cover into the back of the sleigh and the lower half into the forward part. (See Diagram Ten, page 184, for making sleigh. A, runners; B, top.)

When it is winter in Boxville, cotton-batting makes snow, and my horse, harnessed to the sleigh, with a sleigh-bell on his neck, goes jingling through Main Street. The boy dolls catch their sleds to the back of the sleigh.

My Teddy Bear, he likes to play With little toys I make this way: The cover of a box may be A wagon like the one you see. Or, maybe, I may make a sled For little Teddy Bear, instead!