Doll's Crib made from the lower half of a box, with pill-box legs. The Go-cart is cut from half of an oblong box. The Basket is half a box.


The Express Wagon is the cover of a candy box. Its handle and its wheels are cut from cardboard. The Little Doll may have a sled cut from a candy box.

Material Required to Make a China Doll's Crib: the lower half of some oblong box, and four small oblong pill-boxes of equal size to make the legs of the bed.

Material Required to Make a Doll's Go-cart: the lower half of an oblong box about seven inches in length, and some cardboard to make wheels. Wheels may also be made from top and base of a small round box three inches in diameter.

Material Required to Make a Doll's May Basket: the cover or top of any small box you may have; also a small strip of cardboard and two round-headed paper-fasteners.

See, here is a china doll's crib in the picture. You can see how easy it is to make it. I hardly need to tell you. Just take the cover or the lower half of the box you wish to use, and cut off a part of each long rim - there is the top of the crib with its head and foot.

To each corner below its base glue the end of a small oblong pill-box. There! Isn't that an easy and quick way to make a toy crib for a doll?

If you wish to make a cradle, cut the box in the same way, and cut a circle once again as wide as the width of your box. Cut this circle into half, and each half will be a rocker for the cradle. Glue one to each end of the box. That is all!

To make a doll's go-cart like the one in the picture, take the cover or the lower half of any oblong box similar to a candy box, one-pound size. Cut the rim from it half-way around, beginning in the center of one long side. Next, cut from the part that is without rim the handle of the cart, as you see the box cut in the picture.

Next, cut two circles from cardboard to make the wheels of the go-cart. Each circle must be of equal size. Make each about three inches in diameter, unless your box is more than eight inches long. In this case cut your cardboard circles to correspond, larger.

Run a stick or a long pencil through one circle, and press the point of the stick through a lower corner of the box through to the other side, where you put on the other cardboard circle for the other wheel. Your stick or pencil must be one inch longer than the width of your box. Place a blob of glue over each end of the axle and let it dry well, to keep the wheels on. When you have fitted the end of a little box into the lower half of the go-cart to make a seat, all is done. You may use a piece of folded cardboard to make the seat, if you prefer. I painted the handle of my go-cart, but it is not at all necessary to do this. The go-cart is great fun to use when you play house and go out marketing. Then you can take your doll baby with you in the go-cart. You can tie the doll baby into the cart with a piece of string.

The basket that you see in the picture is very easy to construct. You can use it for many different things, and as long as you have small boxes - or even large ones - you may make baskets out of them. You will need some round-headed paper-fasteners or glue to help make them. (The paper-fasteners are stronger and better than the glue.)

Take the lower half of a box, or the upper half, as you like, and cut a strip of cardboard twice again as long as the width of your box. This is the basket's handle. Glue it inside the inner rim on either side of the box, or, better still, run the prongs of a paper-fastener through the side of your box and through the end of the cardboard strip on both sides of the box. There is the handle - just see what a cunning basket you have made!

In spring, May baskets can be made this way. Filled with wild flowers, they are very cunning - just the thing for a May Day gift.

If you have some pretty shells that you have picked up at the shore, they may go into a little box basket and be given to some little sick child, who will love to handle them and keep them in their basket by his bedside.

At Easter, fill box baskets with moss or green raffia cut to represent grass. Glue the raffia to the box. Then ask cook if she will give you some white beans like those that are baked with pork in a pot. Place three or four of these in the moss or raffia cuttings, and you will have made a cute little basket of eggs to give as an Easter gift. When your water-color paint-brush is moistened with blue or brown paint, make tiny specks on the beans and they will look like wee little birds' eggs.

The box baskets make good Christmas-tree decorations, too. They may be suspended from branches by colored paper chains, or be tied on with raffia or tinsel. Each basket may be filled with candies or with pretty berries you have found out-of-doors, holly or bright wintergreen.

They may be used as place favors for a Valentine party when filled with red paper hearts.

Little cardboard boxes

Are useful every day. They make 'most any kind of toy

That you can use in play.

I made a little go-cart,

A basket, and a bed, And there are many other toys

I might have made, instead!