Material Required to Construct a Toy Kennel: a small box without its cover, the cover of some larger box that is square, and cardboard.

Here is a picture of Fido, my little dog. I made him a kennel so that he could stay near the doll house at night and be a watch-dog. Perhaps your dog would like one, if he is a play dog.

If you do want to make one, I will tell you how.

Take the lower half of your box. This is to be the building. Turn it over and stand it on end upon the piece of cardboard you have. Draw the shape of this end. Add to it about four inches in height. Cut this piece out and cut another like it. Glue one to each end of your box. Be sure your box is inverted before you begin. It should rest upon its rim.

Next, cut each end piece glued to the box to a point at the top. This makes the point of each gable side under the roof. These are the points that come under the roof to support it.

Cut an opening under one of these at one end of the box. It should be shaped like the door of a dog kennel.

Where is a large flat box cover? It is to be the roof. It ought to be about four inches wider than the width of your first box. (For making the kennel roof, see Diagram Three, E, page 171.)

Fold this cover downward in equal halves to make a slanting roof, and place it over the points of the dog kennel that come front and back of the little building. There is the kennel all finished! Whistle to Fido! Come here, Fido, to see the nice kennel made for you. Don't you think that it would be fun some day to make a smaller one for the little china dog?

Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone!

Oh, he hasn't gone far, for you see I built him a kennel from out of a box,

And now he stays home here with me!


A Toy Dog Kennel with cardboard end pieces glued to it to hold a bent box cover roof in place.