Wheelbarrow cut from the lower half of an oblong box.


Material Required for Making a Toy Wheelbarrow: the lower half of a candy box or a similar shaped box, one round pill-box for the barrow's wheel.

The Teddy Bear's wheelbarrow that you see in the picture was made from half of a candy box; some strips of cardboard made the legs and wheel supports, and a round pill-box made the wheel.

Do you wish to make a wheelbarrow to play with? Perhaps your Teddy would like one. I will tell you how to make it, shall I?

First, take the lower half of your box and take one end rim off. Then, from the upper part of the rim next to this side, cut out the handles of the barrow. Next, cut out the cardboard half-way around the lower part of the box between the handles. This is the frame of the wheelbarrow.

Cut two short cardboard strips each a half-inch wide and each three inches high. These are the rear legs. Glue them to the toy at either side at the back.

After this, cut two strips of cardboard a half-inch wide and five inches long. Glue these to the forward part of the wheelbarrow's frame.

When all are well dry, press the point of a pin through one of these wheel supports, through the cover of a round pill-box, on through its other side, through the other strip of cardboard in front. Then, if you like, you may put a toothpick in place of the pin, with a small blob of glue at either end, after you have cut the hub of the wheelbarrow off to make it a correct size. Let the glue dry well, and then Teddy may have his toy to play with.

My Teddy and I play at gardening with artificial flowers on the floor. Sometimes, I make flowers from tissue-paper to use. Can't you make them, too?

One day I cut for Teddy Bear

A wheelbarrow with greatest care.

It is a box, as you can see:

It made a 'barrow splendidly!

Some artificial flowers made

A little garden that we laid ;

It was a very happy day

The time we made this garden play.