Material Required to Make the Office Furniture: the end of the lower half of a shoe-box makes the desk, a spool with a round box cover makes the desk stool, a high round box four inches high makes a flower-stand, the cover of a box nine inches long makes a chair.

My dolls thought it would be fun to have an office. I had a little favor that was made like a tiny typewriter, and a telephone that came as a favor, too. You can buy these at any caterer's or at a candy store.

One of my dolls was a stenographer. You can see her in the picture. Her name is Dosia - Miss Dosia. The other doll is the bell boy or errand boy.

To make a desk for the office, take the half of your shoe-box. Cut legs in its forward rim, leaving each corner. From the side rims cut the two rear legs. (To cut table or flat office desk, see Diagram Six, D, page 178.) Paint the desk with India ink and it will look like the one in the picture. If you prefer, use paint, but be careful not to use the paint too moist.

The spool makes the desk-stool. Paint it to match the desk, and stand it on end. Over the top, glue a round pill-box. Paint this also. It makes a very cunning stool for a doll eight inches in height.

The stand is easy to make. The plant on it was a favor, too. The stand is just a box about five inches high. It is put on end and painted.

The chair takes no time at all to cut. Just find the cover of a box about eight or nine inches long. Cut the rim off from it half-way around, starting at the center of one long side. Bend the part that has no rim left on it upward to make the back of the chair, and cut the legs from the lower rim of the rest of the cover as you cut legs for the desk. (To cut a chair, see Diagram Six, C, page 177.) It is fun to have a doll's office. With it you can play at business. What is your business going to be? Are you going to be a lawyer, or the principal of a little doll's school? Maybe yours will be a real estate office for Boxville!

You can see my office boy in the picture. His hat ought to be taken off his head, but it was glued on, so he had to be impolite - though I made him say, "Excuse me!" for doing it. I hope when you engage an office boy, you will get the kind whose hat will come off! But mine is really quite a nice boy, and his name is Bobbie. (He'd rather be called Bob.) I wish that his hat would come off!


Office Furniture for Dolls. This is made from boxes, box covers, a spool and a wooden box.

I make believe, when I'm at play, There is an office far away, And Mister China Doll goes there And sits and dictates in his chair. I made the office by the door, It's right upon my play-room floor.