The annual exhibition of work by students, held on June 10 and II, was highly creditable to all concerned, especially the woodwork and stone masonry. The design and executed detail of a mantelpiece by G. Gunner was exceptionally fine, and the stonework, notably that of a circular tracery window, by R. Allen (aged 19), showed a high standard of craftsmanship. Many of the drawings were marred by unsuitable and carelessly executed lettering; the whole exhibition, however, gives evidence of the great advance that has been made by such craft schools.

Battersea Polytechnic Exhibition 140Diaper Designs, suitable for Embroidered Book Covers 2.

Diaper Designs, suitable for Embroidered Book Covers.

Embroidery Design for a Table Centre-piece. By G A. Audsley.

(A Corner is shown full working size.)

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