The Buckle-Design could be easily worked up as an ornamentation for the back of a belt. Very little modelling is required, the general effect being quickly gained by tooling and pressing. The ground should, however, be well sunk and the edges tooled over to suggest the contour of the neck and body, Careful tooling will give the proper suggestion of plumage, and a small stone let into each eye and cemented in would add to the effect. The rest of the leather could be worked up with the swan as a running pattern, plainly tooled without any attempt at modelling.

If called lor, directions will be given showing how the catch is formed and how the belt should be fastened on.

The Card Case

Fairly thin leather will be required, either cowhide or calf. The article being one of everyday use, the modelling should be slight in order to wear well. In such small work great care must be taken with the "tooling," for on this depends the whole effect. When the lines are worked in, press down the leather on each side, leaving the design Slightly raised. The background might be left quite plain or punched in, as shown in the illustration. Enlarged, the design would give a good book-cover.