"Can you tell me if there is anything a poor woman can do to convert the high colour of a red nose?" asks a correspondent. We reply that she can do much if she will give the subject due consideration in choosing the colour of her costume. A wealthy lady in Paris, unpleasantly so distinguished, once went to Worth for a costume or a special occasion. Alter studying her peculiarities, that admirable man arrayed her in a black and white striped silk dress made with great simplicity, and under her chin he placed a great garnet how and another in her hair. Her friends were gratified at her distinguished appearance, and observed with pleasure the purity of her complexion. On meeting her afterwards in the street with her accustomed beacon light, the artist who tells the story discovered that it had paled only in the deeper glow of the garnet bows. The genius of the lamented Worth succeeded in doing what doctors and hygiene had vainly essayed, and for the time had once more put the lady's nose into proper relation with the rest of her face.