Cleaning The Polished Farts Of Machinery

Stains of every description, such as may result from dried oil, etc., may be easily and effectively removed by the application of alcohol. Calvin B. Ross.

Sringfield, O.

Metal Polish

Get two or three oyster or clam shells and burn them on clear coal fire for fifteen or twenty minutes; then powder them in a mortar. This makes a superior metal polish. It is the best thing I have ever used for polishing silver and gold articles, and if finely pulverized can be used on the most delicate article without injury.

Joliet, Ill. Rex McKee.

Polish For Brass - Polish For Steel

A good polish for brass is made by putting 2 ounces of sulphate of nickel and 2 ounces of nitric acid in an open vessel and allowing them to mix thoroughly. Then add water.

To make a polish for steel dissolve 2 ounces each of oxalic acid, pumice stone, ammonia, and whiting in a quart of water. New York. Herman Jonson.

Liquid Metal Polish

A good liquid metal polish for cold smooth surfaces, either iron or brass, may be made from the following ingredients: To 3 parts of benzine add 2 ounces of oxalic acid and 1 pound of silicate acid powder. This polish may be made in large quantities and set aside for further use provided it is kept in tightly closed bottles, and shaken well before using. Apply the solution with a piece of cloth. When dry, polish with a soft, clean cloth.

Urbana, Ill. T. E. O'Donnell.

How To Polish Nickel Plate

Apply rouge with a little fresh lard or lard oil with a piece of buckskin. Rub the bright parts, using as little of the rouge and oil as possible. Wipe off with a clean cloth slightly oiled. Wipe every day and polish as often as necessary. This is also an excellent preventative of rust.

Donald A. Hampson.

Middletown, N. Y.

Paste Metal Polish

A paste metal polish that is good for any smooth surface, whether hot or cold, can be obtained from the following ingredients, which will make about 20 pounds of the polish: 2 ounces of spermaceti, 4 ounces of cake tallow, 10 star candles, 2 pints of raw linseed oil, 2 pints of kerosene, and 5 pounds of tripoli powder. Procure a crock that will hold 3 or 4 gallons. Put in the tallow, spermaceti and candles, and melt over a slow fire. Then add the linseed oil and kerosene, and stir well. While this mixture is still warm, remove from the fire, and add the tripoli powder very slowly while constantly stirring the mixture. When all the powder has been added, allow to cool. To use, apply with a soft cloth, and after drying, remove the remnant and rub the surface with a piece of soft flannel. T. E. O'Donnell.

Urbana, Ill.