How To Prevent Exposed Iron Busting

To prevent iron, which is exposed to moisture, from rusting, paint over with a coat of Portland liquid cement. This is very satisfactory for posts which are set in the ground. James A. Pratt.

Howard, It. I.

How To Prevent Screws From Getting Busty

To prevent screws from getting rusty and sticking tight, instead of using ordinary oil only, add some graphite. After years you will be able to unscrew them with ease, and find them as bright as new, even if they were exposed to very damp air. J. M. Menegus.

Los Angeles, Cal.

Bust-Preventing Mixture

Melt 4 ounces of rosin in 1 quart of linseed oil and mix with 2 gallons of kerosene oil. The mixture is readily applied with a cloth or brush, and can be easily removed. M. E. Canek.

How To Clean Busty Pieces Of Steel

Put the pieces in a solution of chlorate of tin, not too strong, or it will attack the metal, and let them stay there about 24 hours or less. Take the pieces from the bath, wash them in water, then in ammonia, and then dry them quickly. They will have an appearance almost of silver, but will take the natural color by rubbing them. J. M. Menegus.

Los Angeles, Cal.

How To Keep Machinery From Busting

A formula for an anti-rust compound is made as follows: Dissolve 1 ounce of camphor in 1 pound of melted lard; take off the scum, and mix in as much fine black lead as will give it color. Clean the machinery, and smear it with the mixture, and after 24 hours rub clean with soft linen cloth. The machinery will keep clean, under ordinary circumstances, for a long time. James A. Pratt.

Howard, R. I.

How To Remove Bust From Small Steel Farts

Rust may be removed from small steel parts such as screws, nuts, pins, etc., when they are not badly pitted, by dipping them into a dilute solution of sulphuric acid. To prepare the acid bath, pour the acid little by little into a bowl partly filled with water. After each addition of acid, try one of the rusted parts, and continue trying until the proper strength is obtained to eat the rust off clean. Better results will be obtained in this manner than by working to a set formula. Let the parts remain in the acid bath until cleaned of rust, then remove and wash in soda water, and then in benzine. Finally dry the parts and brighten in sawdust. S. W. Green.

Preservative Oil

To make a preservative oil use high test grain alcohol and best grade of sperm oil, equal parts. Keep in a tightly-corked bottle, and shake well before using as the alcohol and oil separate after standing. Any moisture on a tool or gun at the time of application is quickly absorbed by the alcohol which in a short time evaporates, leaving a good coat of sperm oil to protect the surface from rust. E. W. Norton.

Removing Rust From Steel

A good method for removing rust from steel is to first rub the object with sweet oil, and then after a day or two, rub it with finely powdered unslaked lime until the rust disappears. Then give it again a coating of oil with a woolen cloth, and put it in a dry place. E. W. Norton.

Rust Preventative

To make a mixture that will prevent hardware and machinists' tools from rusting, take one-half pint of Demar white varnish, and mix it well with one gallon of turpentine, use as a wash. When the polished surfaces are thoroughly covered with a thin coat of the varnish it will show scarcely any, but will preserve the polish for years, if it is not scraped off with something very hard. H. E. Wood.

Pearl River, N. Y.

Rust Preventative For Tools

The following I have used for a number of years, and found it O. K. in every respect. Take a pound of vaseline and melt with It 2 ounces of blue ointment - what druggists call one-third - and add, to give it a pleasant odor, a few drops of oil of wintergreen, cinnamon, or sassafras. When thoroughly mixed pour into a tin can - an old baking powder can will do. Keep a rag saturated with the preventative to wipe tools that are liable to rust.

Angelica, N. Y. F. H. Jackson.

How To Remove Rust From Polished Steel

It quite frequently happens that parts of machinery having polished surfaces become rusty. This rust is difficult to remove without scratching the highly polished surface. A very effective mixture for removing rust from such surfaces without injury may be made as follows: Ten parts of tin putty, 8 parts of prepared buckshorn, and 250 parts of spirits of wine. These ingredients are mixed to a soft paste, and rubbed in on the surface until the rust disappears. When no trace of rust seems to remain, the surface is polished with a dry, soft cloth. T. E. O'Donnell.

Urbana, Ill.

How To Clean Rusted Steel - To Preserve Steel From Rust

Rusted steel can be cleaned by brushing with a paste compound of ounce of cyanide potassium, ounce castile soap, 1 ounce whiting, and water sufficient to form a paste. The steel should be washed with a solution of ounce cyanide potassium in 2 ounces water.

To preserve steel from rust dissolve 1 part caoutchoue and 16 parts turpentine with a gentle heat, then add 8 parts boiled oil, and mix by bringing them to the heat of boiling water. Apply to the steel with a brush, the same as varnish. It can be removed again with a cloth soaked in turpentine. A. L. Monrad.

New Haven, Conn.