A good band saw, such as the one illustrated in Fig. 99, is indispensable for cutting the curves and irregular shapes that form a part of so many patterns. The best machines of this description have a tilting table which can be set and clamped at any angle, enabling the workman to give the required level or draft to his work. With a sharp and well kept saw, there is no more rapid or correct method of cutting out and making circular core boxes of all sizes whose length is within the capacity of the machine. The block from which the core box is to be made must be cat perfectly square on the end that is to rest on the saw table; and, if this end of the block is not large enough to give sufficient base to hold it in an upright position, the block can be supported against the blade of a try-square, or, better still, against a wooden bracket made for the purpose.

The scroll saw, illustrated in Fig. 100, is necessary for cutting inside curves and openings in which a band saw could not be used, Like the band saw it should have a tilting table. Where both saws cannot be afforded, the scroll saw will take the place of both.

Band And Scroll Saws 100205

Fig. 99.

While not working bo rapidly as the continuously cutting blade of the band saw, it is, when kept sharp and in good running condition, a great time- and labor-saving machine.

Band And Scroll Saws 100206

Fig. 100.