1. Why were the early New Englanders forced to become manufacturers?

2. What was the occasion of the first boycotting movement in this country?

3. What is meant by a combination of capital?

4. Describe the operations carried on by a combination of capital in acquiring possession of various small plants in the same line of manufacture.

5. What is interchangeable manufacturing?

6. When were milling cutters first made?

7. Who introduced interchangeable manufacturing in this country?

8. What invention brought Eli Whitney into public notice?

9. What are the principal objects sought in modern manufacturing?

10. How can you account for the largely increased output per employe of the present day as compared with former times?

11. What is meant by machine shop management?

12. What are the principal departments of a manufacturing plant building machinery and like products?

13. What are the secondary departments or rooms?

14. Where is the power house usually located, and why?

15. What is meant by lines of authority in shop organization?

16. What is the regular channel of official communication rom the general manager down to the workmen?

17. What is meant by the police regulations of the shop?

18. What officials enforce the police regulations?

19. How would you seek to promote the loyalty of the working force?

20. What is meant by the suggestion system?

21. What are the seven principal requirements of shop methods and records?

22. Describe the necessary steps in the employment of workmen, from the application for a position to setting the man to work.

23. How are records of individual standing determined?

24. What usually constitutes the largest item of cost in the manufactory?

25. What is a time recording clock? How is it used?

26. What is a production order?

27. With what officials do production orders originate?

28. What is a plant order?

29. How are stock and material obtained from the storeroom?

30. How are orders traced and followed through the different departments?

31. How are tools obtained from the tool room?

32. How does the tool keeper ascertain who has certain tools?