1. What does welding mean, as customarily applied?

2. Upon what factors does successful welding depend?

3. How may welding processes be classified?

4. What does autogenous welding mean?

5. Describe the different kinds of welds made by smith welding, and their applications.

6. Why, in electric-arc welding, is the metal to be welded connected to the positive side of the electric supply circuit?

7. Describe the Benardos system of electric-arc welding.

8. Discuss the cost of arc welding.

9. An iron beam of 25 square inches cross-section is to be cut by the electric-arc method. The current to be applied is 500 amperes. In what time can this beam be cut?

10. Describe the process of electric riveting.

11. Discuss the characteristics of butt and spot welding.

12. It is desired to weld, by the butt-welder method, two iron rods 1 inch in diameter. State the horsepower required at the dynamo, the time required to make the weld, and the cost for 100 welds at a price of 3 cents per kilowatt hour.

13. What are the advantages of gas welding? What are the limitations?

14. What is blau gas?

15. Describe the different methods of commercial production of oxygen.

16. What are the general features of the oxy-acetylene welding process?

17. Which type of acetylene generator is most used?

18. Discuss the cost of oxy-acetylene welding.

19. What are the advantages of blau-gas welding?

20. Describe the cutting of metals by means of gases.

21. It is desired to cut by the hot-flame method 30 feet of iron plate inch thick. What would be the approximate cost of straight cutting?

22. Give a short description of the thermit-welding process.

23. What is the average tensile strength of a thermit weld?

24. Make wiring diagram for the C & C electric-arc welding system.

25. On what does the amount of electric current used in welding operations depend?