Taking as an example the forging shown in Fig. 103, the following description will serve for many forgings of the same general shape. There are two general ways of making work of this character. One is to take stock of the proper size for the lever and to weld on a chunk for the boss. The other is to take stock large enough to form the boss and to draw out either the entire lever, or a short stub, to which the lever is welded. The work may be started for the first method by bending over the end of the stock as illustrated in Fig. 104. This is welded up and rounded by the same general method as afterward described for the other boss. The second method of shaping is illustrated in Fig. 105. The stock in this case would be 2 inches square. The fuller cut is first made as illustrated at A. The end is then drawn out into the shape shown at B. In drawing out the stock, if the metal be allowed to flatten down into shape like C, a cold-shut will be formed close to the boss, as the corner at X will overlap and work into the metal, making a crack in the work. The proper way to draw out the stock is shown at D. The square piece left for the boss is rounded up over the corner of the anvil as shown in Fig. 106. Sometimes to make the work easier to get at, the end is bent back out of the way and straightened after the forging is completed. The boss may be smoothed up by using a set hammer or swage in the manner indicated.

Lever with Boss.

Fig. 103. Lever with Boss.

Stock Bent for Forging Boss.

Fig. 104. Stock Bent for Forging Boss.

Method of Shaping Lever with Bom.

Fig. 105. Method of Shaping Lever with Bom.

Rounding Up Boss.

Fig. 106. Rounding-Up Boss.