One cause of the barrel of a fusee lever watch rubbiug on the pillar plate may be that the barrel is too low down, or has too much side shake upon its arbor; or the barrel arbor may have too much endshake inside the barrel. Takeout the' barrel, hold it square in a pair of sliding tongs, and test the inside endshake. If this is excessive, the barrel cover can be sprung down in its centre by placing it over a hollow in a piece of boxwood and using pressure. A little endshake is necessary. When corrected, place it in the frame and see whether the whole barrel is too low, or if there is so much side play as to allow fouling of the plate. If there is, the holes in the barrel bottom and cover will require bushing. If the barrel requires raising spring down the bottom in the centre and correct theendshake by springing in the cover a little more.