The engraving on the opposite page exhibits an arrangement for marine engines for which Mr. Elijah Galloway obtained a patent; and which has, we believe, been adopted in one or two vessels plying on the Humber. At a is the cylinder, supported upon the frame or platform b b; c is the air-pump, placed beneath the cylinder, and concentric with it: the piston-rod d, of the air-pump, passes through a stuffing-box, in the cover of the air-pump, and through another stuffing-box in the bottom of the cylinder, and is attached to the steam piston. Two piston rods, e e, pass down through stuffing-boxes in the bottom of the cylinder, and are keyed into a cross-head, f, which is curved so as to encompass one half of the air-pump, as shown in the plan separately given of it; gg are two connecting rods proceeding from the bearings of the arms of the cross-head to the crank h h; ttit are the plummer blocks, which carry the paddle shaft; two of these are supported by the cover of the cylinder, and the other two by the side frames kk; m is the neck in which is placed the foot valve, connecting the pump with the condensers; l l are the guides in which the cross-headf works.

Galloway s Inverted Cylinder Engine 548