An agricultural implement, designed to supersede the use of scythes by hand. Many have been made at different times, but the difficulty of adapting them to the ordinary unevenness of the surface of the fi lds, has, we believe, caused their general abandonment; but it is not impro-b ble they will ultimately be brought into use in many situations. In a model of one of these machines, which is placed before us, a circular knife or knives are attached to the periphery of a wheel, which revolves horizontally between the running wheels of a light carriage; the axis of the running wheels communicating the motion to the horizontal cutting wheel, through the medium of bevelled gear. The height of the cutting wheel from the ground is regulated by means of a lever and weight; and the machine is forced forward by a horse yoked behind it. For mowing grass plots, a beautiful machine has been invented and matured by Mr. Budding. See Grass in the work; also a model of the machine in the Museum of the Mechanical Arts, in Leicester-square.