A gummy kind of starch, prepared by the Brazilians from the root of the casava plant. A spurious tapioca has been manufactured in this country, from the farina of the potato; the process of preparing the latter consisting simply in exposing the dry farina to the action of a moderate heat in an open pan, and continually stirring it up to prevent carbonization; the water of crystallization of the starch, causing a species of fusion of the starch, which conglomerates into little masses, of a semi-transparent gummy appearance, but with an efflorescent surface, much like the foreign tapioca in appearance; and although it possesses similar properties as an aliment, it does not form so strong, nor so agreeable a "jelly." A patent was recently taken out for the process just described; but unfortunately for the patentee, it was well known, and for nearly half a century before the date of his patent. The advantage of the process is, however, to us more than doubtful, whilst the foreign article can be obtained, subjected to only a moderate import tax.