For a folding spring mattress, the two half boxes, about 5 in. high, are placed together, and the springs are lashed each way; the canvas and tick are each put on in a single piece, cutting the former a little at each side where the fold comes, and allowing a fulness of 3/4 in. per ft. in the latter. The top is let into a tight border 4 1/2 in. wide, and a second border is sewn on to give enough material to tack under the bottom of the spring box. After running a twine round on the edge of the case, a good body of hair is picked on very firm, the tick is put over and temporarily tacked, the mattress is tufted, and the border is stitched round. Next the two halves are folded together, and the open ends are covered with canvas or tick, sewn to the cut borders; then 2 pieces of web are covered with similar tick, a piece of cane or wire about 3 in. long being stitched crossways to the end of one, with a button capable of taking it in the other, and these are nailed one to each half of the frame bottom.