Circular Plane

All the forms of plane hitherto considered have been provided with a guide principle which shall repeat a straight level surface. The guide may, however, be the counterpart of any required surface. The American adjustable circular plane shown in Fig. 3G7 has an elastic steel sole, which, by means of adjusting screws, enables the workman readily to convert a straight-faced sole into one either concave or convex. It also possesses an advantage in the mode of fixing the iron, viz. by a cam action. Often in ordinary planes the wood splits when the holding wedge binds on the box.


Wheeler's rounder is shown in Fig. 368. It is a very useful tool for producing a smooth and even surface on a cylindrical-shaped article, such as a broom handle; a is the cutting edge, and b the handles by which it is made to revolve round the wood.

Rounder 370Rounder 371

Box Scraper

Fig. 369 illustrates an adjustable box scraper, made of malleable iron, with 2-in. steel cutters, and costing 2s. 6d.

Veneer Scraper

An adjustable veneer scraper is represented in Fig. 370. Its price with a 3-in. cutter is 15s., extra cutters costing Is. 3d. each. The two latter tools may be obtained of Churchills, Finsbury, or Melhuish, Fetter Lane.