Tabulated Weights of Angle, Tee, Bulb, Round, Square, and Flat Iron and Steel, and other information for the use of Naval Architects and Shipbuilders, by Chas. H. Jordan, Mem. Inst. N.A., Surveyor to the Underwriters' Registry for Iron Vessels, and Author of ' Particulars of Dry Docks on the Thames,' third edition, revised and enlarged, royal 32mo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

"Naval architects and shipbuilders have long been familiar with this handy little work, and have found it of great service in calculating the weights of iron ships. It has also been found very useful by engineers and others in connection with the iron work of shore structures. The chief feature in this new edition is the introduction of tables respecting the weight of mild steel; and, in view of the growing use of this material for shipbuilding, this edition considerably enhances the value of the little book. Mr. Jordan's extensive experience with iron ships, and his position as Surveyor to the Underwriters' Registry for Iron Vessels, afford a sufficient guarantee of the trustworthiness of this work, and we confidently recommend it to all who are concerned with iron and steel work as a handy compendium of useful and accurate tables." - Nautical Magazine.

Steam Engine. A Practical Treatise on the Steam Engine, containing Plans and Arrangements of Details for Fixed Steam Engines, with Essays on the Principles involved in Design and Construction, by Arthur Rigg, Engineer, Member of the Society of Engineers and of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, demy 4to, copiously illustrated with woodcuts and 96 plates. In one volume, half-bound morocco, 2 2s. Cheaper Edition, neatly bound in cloth, L1 5s.

This work is not, in any sense, an elementary treatise, or history of the steam engine, but describes examples of Fixed Steam Engines without entering into the wide domain of locomotive or marine practice. To this end illustrations are given of the most recent arrangements of Horizontal, Vertical, Beam, Pumping, Winding, Portable, Semi-portable, Corliss, Allen, Compound, and other similar Engines, by the most eminent Firms in Great Britain and America. The laws relating to the action and precautions to be observed in the construction of the various details, such as cylinders, pistons, piston-rods, connecting-rods, cross-heads, motion-blocks, eccentrics, simple, expansion, balanced, and equilibrium slide valves, and valve-gearing are minutely dealt with. In this connection will be found articles upon the velocity of reciprocating parts and the mode of applying the indicator, heat and expansion of steam governors, and the like. The writer has drawn illustrations from every possible source, and given only those rules that present practice deems correct.

Surveying. A Practical Treatise on the Science of Land and Engineering Surveying, Levelling, Estimating Quantities, etc., with a general description of the several instruments required for Surveying, Levelling, Plotting, etc., by H. S. Merrett, 41 fine plates with illustrations and tables, fourth edition, revised and corrected by G. W. Usill, Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E., royal 8vo, cloth, 12s. 6d.

Principal Contents.

Part I. Introduction and the Principles of Geometry. Part 2. Land Surveying; comprising, general observations - the chain - offsets surveying by the chain only - surveying hilly ground, to survey an estate or parish by the chain only, surveying with the theodolite - Mining and town surveying - railroad surveying - Mapping - division and laying out of land - observations on enclosures - plane trigonometry. Part 3. Levelling - simple and compound levelling - the level-book - parliamentary plan and section - Levelling with a theodolite, gradients - wooden curves - to lay out a railway curve - setting out widths. Part 4. Calculating quantities generally, for estimates - Cuttings and Embankments - Tunnels - Brickwork - Ironwork - Timber measuring. Part 5. Description and use of instruments in surveying and plotting - the improved dumpy level - Troughton's Level - the prismatic compass - proportional compass - box sextant - Vernier - pantagraph - Merrett's improved quadrant - improved computation scale - the diagonal scale - straight-edge and sector.

Part 6. Logarithms of numbers - logarithmic sines and co-sines, tangent and co-tangents - natural sines and co-sines - Tables for earthwork - for setting out curves, and for various calculations, etc., etc., etc.

Tables of Squares and Cubes. Barlow's

Tables of Squares, Cubes, Square Roots, Cube Roots, Reciprocals of all Integer Numbers up to 10,000, post 8vo, cloth. 6s.

Tables Of Speeds. Tables of some of the Principal Speeds occurring in Mechanical Engineering, expressed in Metres in a Second, by P. Keerayeff, Chief Mechanic of the Obouchoff Steel Works, St. Petersburg, translated by Sergius Kern, M.E., 6d.

Turning. The Practice of Hand-turning in Wood

Ivory, Shell, etc., with Instructions for Turning such work in Metal as may be required in the Practice of Turning in Wood, Ivory, etc., also an Appendix on Ornamental Turning, Francis Campin, third edition, with wood engravings, crown 8vo, cloth (a book for beginners), 6s.


On lathes, turning tools, turning wood, drilling, screw cutting, miscellaneous apparatus and processes, turning particular forms, staining, polishing, spinning metals, materials, ornamental turning, etc.

WatchWork. Treatise on Watchwork, Past and Present, by the Rev. H. L. Nelthropp, M.A., F.S.A., numerous illustrations, crown 8vo cloth, 6s. 6d.


Definitions of words and terms used in watchwork. Tools. Time. Historical summary. On calculations of the numbers for wheels and pinions, their propor-tional sizes, trains, etc. Of dial-wheels, or motion-work. Length of time of going without winding-up. The Verge. The Horizontal. The Duplex. Lever. The Chronometer. Repeating Watches. Keyless Watches. The Pendulum, or Spiral Spring. Compensation. Jewelling of pivot-holes, Clerkenwell. Fallacies of the Trade. Incapacity of Workmen. How to choose and use a Watch, etc.

Warming and Ventilation. A Treatise on

Warming and Ventilating Buildings, by Charles Hood, F.R.S., sixth edition, 8vo, cloth, illustrated, 12s. 6d.

Treatise on Valve-Gears, with special consideration of the Link-Motions of Locomotive Engines, by Dr. Gustav Zeuner, Professor of Applied Mechanics at the Confederated Polytechnikum of Zurich. Translated from the Fourth German Edition, by Professor J. F. Klein, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa., illustrated, 8vo, cloth, 12s. 6d.

E. & F. N. SPON, 125, STRAND.


In super-royal 8vo, 1168 pp., with 2400 illustrations, in 3 Divisions, cloth, price 13s. 6d. each; or 1 vol., cloth, 2/.; or half-morocco, 2/. 8s.