Workshops, and Warehouses : their Sanitary and Fire-Resisting Arrangements, by B. H. Thwaite, Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E., with numerous wood engravings, crown 8vo, cloth, 9s.


Part 1. How the Development of English Manufacturing Industries affected 'he Health of the English Operatives, and compelled Legislative Interference. - ■ Part 2. On the existing Sanitary arrangements of Textile and other Manufacturing occupations. - Part 3. Factory and Workshop Sanitation. - Part 4. Arrangements for the Prevention of Accidents. - Part 5. The Origin of Conflagrations, and their Prevention.

French. Measures. French Measures and English Equivalents, by John Brook. For the use of Engineers, Manufacturers of Iron, Draughtsmen, etc., 18mo, roan, 1s.

"In a series of compact tables the English values of the French measures are arranged from one to a thousand millimetres, and from one to a hundred metres; the fractions of an inch progressing in sixteenths are also reduced to French values. The little book will be found useful to almost every engineer." - Engineering.

Engineers' Tables. Spoils' Tables and Memoranda for Engineers, selected and arranged by J. T. Hurst. (C.E., Mem. of the Society of Engineers, Mem. Phys. Soc. of London, Surveyor War Department, Author of 'Architectual Surveyors' Handbook, Hurst's Tredgold's Carpentry,' etc., 64mo, roan, gilt edges, fifth edition, revised and improved, 1s. In cloth case, 1s. 6d.

Or in metal case, 2s.


Excavators' Memoranda Bricklayers'

Fire-Clay Flue Linings Weight of Bricks and Tiles Masons' Memoranda

Weight of Limes and Cements ,, Purbeck Paving

,, Yorkshire

,, Marble Slabs

Slaters' Memoranda

Weight of Slates Carpenters' Memoranda Deal Standards Purlins

Roof Scantlings Floors Rafters Plasterers' Memoranda Smiths'& Founders' Memoranda Size of Heads, Nuts, etc.

Rivets Shrinkage of Castings Corrugated Iron Zinc Weight of Round and Square Iron „ Flat Bar Iron

,, Round Cast Iron

„ Various Meaals per ft. sup. ,, Sheet Iron,

Weight of Hoop Iron

,, Chains, and size of

Cast Iron Pipe ,, Heads, Nuts, and

Washers ,, Cast Iron Socket

Pipes „ Wire Size and Weight of Nails per M

Spikes Weight of Cast Iron Balls ,, Corrugated Iron

Rooting ,, Nails

,, Shoes for Door Frames Relative Weight of various

Metals Proportion of Wheels Cast Iron Pillars Relative Strength of Cast and Wrought Iron Pillars Safe Load for Stone Pillars

,, Floors

Strength of Rolled Iron

Beams Fire-Proof Floors Wrought Iron Roofs

Plumpers' Memoranda Weight of Sheet Lead „ Lead Pipes

Painters' and Glaziers nemoranda v Memoranda Weight of Metals per foot cube

„ Earth, Stone, etc. per ft. cube

„ Timber

„ Liquids

,, Men and Animals

,, Forage

„ Water

„ Oil

,, Coal Ropes

Railway Carves Measurement of Heights Railway Road crossings Measurement of Distance

Circumferences of Circles

Regular Polygons Money Tables, English and


Weights and Measures Weight and size of casks Size of Paper French Measures Maltese Comparison of English and

Foreign Measures

This work is printed in a pearl type, and is so small, measuring only 2 1/2 in. by 1 3/4 in., by 1/4 in. thick, that it may be easily carried in the waistcoat pocket.

"It is certainly an extremely rare thing for a reviewer to be called upon to notice a volume measuring but 2.V in. by 1 3/4 in., yet these dimensions faithfully represent the size of the handy little book before us. The volume - which contains 118 printed pages, besides a few blank pages for memoranda - is, in fact, a true pocket-book, adapted for being carried in the waistcoat pocket, and containing a far greater amount and variety of information than most people would imagine could be compressed into so small a space.....The little volume has been compiled with considerable care and judgment, and we can cordially recommend it to our readers as a useful little pocket companion." - Engineering.

Engineers' Pocket-Book. A Pocket-Book of Useful Formulae and Memoranda for Civil and Mechanical Engineers, by Guilford L. Molesworth, Mem. Inst. C. E., Consulting Engineer to the Government of India for State Railways, twenty-first edition, revised and improved, 32mo, roan, 6s.

Ditto, interleaved with ruled paper for Office use, 9s.

Ditto, printed on India paper, 6s.

Synopsis of Contents.

Surveying, Levelling, etc. Strength and Weight of Materials. Earthwork, Brickwork, Masonry,

Arches, etc. Struts, Columns, Beams, and Trusses. Flooring, Roofing, and Roof Trusses. Girders, Bridges, etc. Railways and Roads. Hydraulic Formulae. Canals, Sewers, Waterworks, Docks. Irrigation and Breakwaters. Gas, Ventilation and Warming. Heat, Light, Colour, and Sound. Gravity - Centres, Forces, and Powers. Millwork, Teeth of Wheels, Shafting, etc. Workshop Recipes. Sundry Machinery. Animal Power. Steam and the Steam Engine.

Water-power, Water-wheels, Turbines, etc. Wind and Windmills. Steam Navigation, Ship - Building,

Tonnage, etc. Gunnery, Projectiles, etc. Weights, Measures, and Money. Trigonometry, Conic Sections, and

Curves. Telegraph. Mensuration. Tables of Areas and Circumference, and Arcs of Circles. Logarithms, Square and Cube Roots

Powers. Reciprocals, etc. Useful Numbers.

Differential and Integral Calculus. Algebraic Signs. Telegraphic Construction and Formulae.

French - Polishing. The French - Polisher's

Manual, by a French-Polisher, containing Timber Staining, Washing, Matching, Improving, Painting, Imitations, Directions for Staining, Sizing, Embodying, Smoothing, Spirit Varnishing, French-Polishing, Directions for Re-polishing, royal 32mo, sewed, 6d.

Handrailing. Handrailing cut square to the

Plank, without a Falling Mould, as discovered and taught at the Mechanics' Institution, Liverpool, by John Jones, Staircase Builder, part 1, with plates, royal 8vo, sewed, 2s.

Ditto, ditto, Part II., containing additional examples, royal 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

Mechanical Engineering, Notes in Mechanical Engineering, compiled principally for the use of Stud-attending the Lectures in this subject at the City of London College, by Henry Adams, Mem. Inst. M.E., Mem.Inst. C.E., Mem. Soc. of Engineers, crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d.


Part 1. Section I. Fundamental Principles of Mechanics - 2. Properties of Materials - 3. Behaviour of Materials under Strain - 4. The Action of Chisels, Hammers, Punches, Planes, Shears, Drills - 5. Tempering, Welding, Riverting, Caulking, etc. - 6. Tools used in the Workshop. Part 2. Founding, Moult and Pattern Making. Part 3. Shafting, Gearing, and General Machinary.

Part 4. The Steam Engine: Stationary, Marine, and Locomotive Part 5.

Different kinds of Boilers and Boiler Fittings. Part 6. Hydraulic Machinery - Pumps - Centrifugal, and other Turbines - Water Wheels - Hoists - Pressure Engines, etc. - Operations of the Pattern Maker - Founder - Blacksmith Turner in connection with Hydraulic Machinery.

Plan and Map Drawing. The Draughtsman's

Handbook of Plan and Map Drawing, including instructions for the Preparation of Engineering, Architectural, and Mechanical Drawings, with numerous illustrations and coloured examples, by G. G. Andre, F.G.S., M.S.E., crown 4to, cloth, 9s.


Part 1. The Essential Elements; The Drawing Office and its Functions; Geometrical Problems; Lines, Dots, and their Combinations; Colours; Shading. Part 2. Applications; Lettering, Bordering, and North Points; Scales; Plotting; Civil Engineers and Surveyors; Plans; Map Drawing; Mechanical and Architectural Drawing; Copying and Reducing; Trigonometrical Formula:; Inclined Measure; Curvature and Refraction, etc., etc., etc.