Fig. 138 shows an anvil of usual form. The body and horn are made of wrought iron or forged mild steel, with a 3/8-inch face of crucible tool steel welded on the body. However, some anvils are made by casting upon a tool-steel face and horn a body of a gun-metal grade of cast iron. The face and horn are cast to shape from crucible steel, and are then placed to form the bottom of a mould. They are heated to a red heat when the mould is poured to insure complete welding of the two metals. After the tool-steel face is welded on, it is hardened by heating and quenching in water and then ground to a working surface.

When a hole is to be punched in a forging, it is done over the round hole of the anvil. The square hole is for receiving the stems of anvil tools.

Fig. 139.   Hand Hammer.

Fig. 139. - Hand Hammer.

Fig. 140.   Sledge Hammer.

Fig. 140. - Sledge Hammer.