The paint must first be thoroughly dry. The letters must be written on the paint with gold size, and allowed to get a little dry, or else the writing will appear drill. Now press the gold leaf on the size, and rub it down with a piece of cotton-wool. If by accident there is more than one thick-ness of gold it will appear dull. Paper-hangings. - The part which is to show the gilt is first printed in common size mixed with a little water; when dry, rolled up and reprinted in gold size, and as it is being printed the piece is drawn out from the table into a trough, technically called a drum, and then the metal, which is Chinese bronze, is slightly laid over the surface, and the drum is tapped underneath with a common cane, which causes the metal to adhere to the gold size; it is then care* fully drawn out of the drum and hung up till dry, then rolled up; to improve the appearance, the hangings are passed between two embossing rollers, which give the finishing touch.