By W. J. TENNANT, Asso. M. Inst. Mech. E.

The work has been thoroughly revised and enlarged in accordance with the present American Practice.

By J. H. KINEALY, D. E., M. Am. Soc Mech. E.

The work is based upon notes and diagrams which were prepared by Mr. Tennant in his lectures to his classes of working engineers and students towards the obtainment of clear general notions upon the Slide Valve, its design, varieties, adjustments and management. They have been revised and considerably added to and in this form the authors believe they will be of considerable value to all engineers and others interested in steam engines.

Contents Of Chapters

I. The Simple Slide.

II. The Eccentric a Crank. Special Model to give Quantitative Results.

III. Advance of the Eccentric.

IV. Dead Centre. Order of Cranks. Cushioning and Lead. V. Expansion - Inside and Outside Lap and Lead; Advance affected thereby. Compression. VI. Double-ported and Piston Valves.

VII. The Effect of Alterations to Valve and Eccentric.

VIII. Note on Link Motions.

IX. Note on very early cut-off, and on Reversing Gears in general.

The illustrations aim to cover the different kinds of Slide Valves, and the circular diagrams will prove a novel feature.

88 Pages. 41 Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth. $1.00