In the molding of small castings where a great number are required, it is customary to mount several patterns on a plate called a match plate. This plate is of metal (as are also the patterns), 3/8 in. thick, projects beyond the flask, and has two holes, one on each end, through which the flask pin is inserted.

In the use of the match plate, a molding machine is generally used, but the plate can be used without the machine. The patterns are mounted on the plate, one-half on each side directly opposite to each other. One side of the flask is rammed at a time, the flask pins locating the plate so accurately that the two parts of the flask form a perfect match when placed together.

The making of these match plates by the metal patternmaker is expensive because of the difficulty of working metal. Hence it is only profitable to use the match plates when a great number of castings are desired and when a firm is continuously engaged in the production of a line of small goods.