1. What are some of the common properties of an acid?.

2. Name the mineral acids.

3. Name some organic acids.

4. What is the composition of the so-called "pickling" solution used in trades?

5. Write the action of copper and nitric acid.

6. Write the action of zinc and sulphuric acid.

7. Explain the difference in the products formed from nitric acid and a metal, and sulphuric or hydrochloric acid and a metal,

8. Give the symbol of oil of vitriol.

9. What is the composition of a salt?

10. How are salts formed?

11. Give the composition of any salt.

12. What is a base? An alkali?

13. Why are there two names to the common acids and alkalies?

14. Give the chemical names of the following symbols: HBrO3; HClO4; NaCl; HNO3; HClO; K2SO4; CuCl2; FeCl3; Na2SO4.

15. The antidote or substance recommended to be taken in case of poison from ammonia is lemon juice in water. Explain the action.

16. Explain the difference between "hard" water and "soft" water.