1. Why is a knowledge of the chemistry of common industrial substances desirable?

2. What is the meaning of the expression "carbon has four allotropic forms"?

3. Why do people prefer crystalline to powdered forms of substances?

4. Describe the importance of the different forms of carbon.

5. Explain the formation of the oxides of carbon.

6. Draw a sketch of an ordinary yellow gas flame and explain why it is luminous (bright) compared to the blue flame of the gas stove. Which is hotter?

7. What is an alcohol? Carbohydrate? Fat? Soap? Oil? Give an example of each kind.

8. What is sand?

9. Describe briefly the following: a dye; clay; gunpowder; bleaching; bick; mortar; cement; porcelain.

10. What is spontaneous combustion?

11. Explain the action of the chemical solutions used in fire extinguishers.