1. What is magnetism?

2. Explain the difference between a natural and an artificial magnet.

3. Describe the shapes of magnets.

4. Explain the expressions: "magnetic flux," "lines of force," "magnetic field."

5. What is a mariner's compass?

6. What is the relation between electricity and magnetism?

7. What is electromagnetic force? Name some of the industrial uses of this principle.

8. Describe an electric bell.

9. What is a simple voltaic cell?

10. Describe the chemical means of generating electricity.

11. What is electrolysis? Is it an important industrial process?

12. Describe some of the most common battery cells.

13. What is a dry cell?

14. Explain the use of a storage battery.

15. What is an electric pyrometer? Describe it.

16. What is a galvanometer?

17. What is an ammeter? Voltmeter?

18. In what units is electricity measured?

19. Explain Ohm's Law.

20. Describe the arrangement of electrical apparatus.